Friday, 12 October 2012

Great Tours visiting Machu Picchu, Titicaca Lake, Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia, Easter Islands, Perito Moreno Glacier and The Galapagos. Energy Centers of The Americas.

Balancing your Body and Soul is a practice where, through your senses and some other parts of your organism, you feel an increase on your vitality; you explode your sensuality; experience compassion and forgiveness; become more communicative, creative and organized. It is also a way to release your ideas, becomes fearlessness, understanding, self-sacrificing and visionary. Many people get their balance going to yoga classes or through spiritual sessions where those important psychological functions are endure or rejuvenated, however our proposal is not only to balance your body and soul, we are asking you to interact with “Mother Nature” where your Psychics, your Body and Emotions, join the Colours, the Sounds, the Vibrations, the Aromas, the Flavours of the Earth to get in perfect harmony, maximizing the results of your treatment.

If we look at different cultures, Maya or Inca, Indian or Chinese, Roman or Greek they all mention the existence of places on our planet where people can feel the power of the Earth and Universe interacting with their bodies. Some people feel a balance, others experiment energy charges; some release old pressures and inhibitions, but undoubtedly, these places change their lifes, making them better, more actives, and positives. Southern Latin America is under the influence of magnetic energies interacting independently of human actions and caused by natural wonders.
Majestic Tours have defined some of the most magnetic places coinciding and located within the areas described above.
  • Wake up and have your Yoga session in Machu Picchu, or Titicaca Lake, Peru;
  • Experience the passion through Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires, or Ushuaia, Argentina;
  • Balance your chakras through the Sounds of the Water in Iguassu Falls, or the Earth magnetism in Sao Tome das Letras, Brazil;
  • Get a massage and heal your wounds looking at Majestic sculptures on Easter Island, Chile;
  • Discover and boost your Imagination in The Galapagos, Ecuador.
These incredible places, including the main capital cities of the visiting countries are our proposal: We would like you to experience a complete balance of Mind, Body, Soul and Nature. Check Our Tours and Enjoy an Unique Experience !....

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